Ready to ride

Hey, are we going somewhere?!! After dancing with the wall for a couple of days this is what emerged. And I don’t know about you, but it seems like there are things like wheels and movement involved. And some cool motorcycle black hardware.

So even though this is all about abstraction, I can’t help but see a motorcycle here. With a rider, who may be a short alien with red boots. I have no idea what the hammer thing is but the block it is resting on is that original piece of blue fabric I slapped on the wall in response to my teacher’s push of encouragement that I had been instructed not to move NO MATTER WHAT. So, it looks crazy, and it is crazy, and that’s okay. Because I just kept building the crazy on top of it and it gradually got less and less crazy and more and more fun.

So when I met with Irene Roderick for my next lesson, I was ready. I was so proud of myself for having something on the wall that I felt good about. I thought I was done. I was even wondering if I would be able to start a new piece or if I would begin piecing this one.

She had a surprise for me. “Good work,” she said. “Now keep going.”

“Ruhr?” I asked. “Yes,” she said. “You usually make large quilts, right?”

I had to admit to that one.

“I’m going to challenge you,” she said. “Get your strips out and make a frame the size of your larger quilts.” She was referring to the 1-inch black fabric strips used as an outline for the size of piece you want to make. “Then just keep dancing.”

Wow. Now that was a real challenge. More about that and the anguish I experienced in the next installment!

Watch this space.

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