Art from chaos

Precarious Times, detail Kona cottons, pieced. Cotton and poly/cotton threads for quilting

I’m going to be in a book!! Okay, not me…. One of my quilts is going to be in a book!

“Precarious Times” has been chosen for a new book and exhibit titled “Quarantine Quilts : Creativity in the Midst of Chaos” by Dr. Sandra Sider, author, and curator of the Texas Quilt Museum.

The entry I submitted along with photos of the quilt reads as follows:

I love the natural beauty of rock cairns, with stones carefully balanced on top of one another.

This is not one of those.

The feeling in our country was becoming uncertain, and even chaotic, when I began this piece… and that was even before the coronavirus pandemic arrived. With each news report, the tipping of the “stones” became more exaggerated as this double-sided cairn continued to grow upward. Day by day, it became more off balance and topsy-turvy. It was as if the events swirling around us were manifesting in front of me.

My quilt is in good company. I received a list of the other artists whose quilts have been chosen for the book, and saw the names of some of my favorite artists — those I follow online and seek out at shows. It is exhilarating to have my work appear among them!

The book will be out sometime in 2021… I will keep you posted!

Ever feel like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place?


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