What the heck?

When this strange little fellow showed up on my wall I thought, “Ok now I’m losing it…” but actually I was at the beginning of a great adventure. I was taking an online class with Irene Roderick, who recently began teaching her “Dancing with the Wall” approach via zoom. https://www.ireneroderick.com/

Talk about throwing yourself off a figurative cliff and seeing what happens! Aaaagh!!! After her first class, which was a 2-hour presentation, she had me grab a random piece of fabric from my table and place it on the wall. (To prepare for the class she had emailed instructions and worksheets for us to complete beforehand. Having a clean design wall, with fabric and tools at the ready, were part of it.). “There you go!” she exclaimed, and left with the caveat that I would not move that piece, no matter what.

I have been known to edit my work to death – in other words – I will start and have something promising on the wall, but then I begin changing it because it’s never “good enough.” I move this here, and that there, remove this piece and add this piece– and before you know it, whatever that first interesting idea had been is gone, and the whatever that is now on the wall has lost its soul.

So — what better way to stop that, or at least slow it down, than remembering it’s all about the dancing, not the never-ending search for perfection. Keep it loose, keep it happy, keep it moving.

More to come.

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