When nobody’s watching

The best times in the studio are when I forget myself — my expectations, my perfectionism, my constant self-criticism – those dark emotions that suck out your soul and render you completely incapable of having one creative thought.

I do have hours of forgetting — and they are fabulous indeed. That’s when I can abandon myself to play. I do whatever I want – not what I think judges want, or galleries want, or the people who post art on Pictionary want.

As I stood in my studio this morning, looking at the wall, I had a new thought. Instead of WAITING for the magic of forgetting myself, maybe I should consider purposeful, considered, studied and practiced ways of forgetting myself and all those soul-sucking constraints.

I’m starting today. The title captures the feeling I want to have, twirling in my special, secret studio. We’ll see how it goes.

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