My new old iron

This GE 1950s-60s vintage iron belonged to my mother-in-law.

I can only imagine the mountain of shirts, pants and dresses she pressed into submission with this iron. 

Now it has new life working on art!

And I’m the lucky one who gets to use it. 

It works like a dream. And it’s actually comfortable in my hand. A nice weight, not too heavy, not too light, that glides over my cottons and gives my seams a nice, crisp finish. 

The biggest wonder for me is that it stays HOT! A simple thing, but nearly impossible to find in a modern iron. Having a tool that is vital to the process ready to go every time I return to the ironing table is AMAZING. My flow is undisturbed.

As you can imagine – the fancy new iron I bought last year has been banished to the closet, joining the other irons I have tried through the years!

An unexpected bonus is the memories of my own mother teaching me to iron. I was a typical pre-teen and thought 1) that ironing was a ridiculous waste of time and that 2) I was above such menial labor. So we went through a few struggles during that process!  I can imagine the surprise on her face if she could see me today – not only ironing, but using it in my work every day!

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