Tuba 34 x 23

Getting my tuba groove on… I’ve been working on wacky tuba images for my Boogie quilt series.

This fat happy tuba is one of many tubas I am creating as part of “Working in a Series,” an online course with Lisa Call. I decided to work on abstract versions of musical instruments, and to become more proficient at creating them in fabric. This tuba is framed by “soundwaves” coming and going at either end of the instrument. As they rise and fall, they are larger or smaller as they come closer or float away. This represents the sound moving forward or backward in space. Color (red to yellow) is also used to show placement in space, as the sound moves away from or toward the viewer.

Boogie Brass Band, close-up of tuba

One of my previous tubas (or sousaphones as the case may be) is in the quilt, “Boogie Brass Band.”

In this example, perspective was created with the size of “bubbles” becoming smaller as the sound rises and begins to disappear into the distance.

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