Going with the flow

I love it when I hit a groove in my studio and everything is humming along (especially my sewing machine).  The ideas are coming, the cuts are smooth, the tension on the stitches is just right. There is a flow moving all around and all I have to do is stay on the track. 

But why is it always later in the day when this happens?  I may have been slow earlier in the day but now it’s all go-go-go!  And I have to stop-stop-stop!  My husband will be walking through the door any minute — and if I want to enjoy a nice evening together with dinner, a walk, maybe a show….. I need to set the brakes. Right now. But OH – isn’t it jarring! I hate stopping in the middle of the flow.

So, guess what?  Some days I DON’T stop! My dear husband can read the signs — so he gives me a knowing grin and I give him a BIG hug and he goes off to forage for leftovers.  He’s the best partner a crazed quilter could ever have!

You know, this might be one of those nights…!

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