Boogie Woogie

It looks like a keyboard in play!

I am really happy with the way this came out! It is the most sparsely designed piece of my music series so far, and yet it clearly tells the story of “music in play.”

That’s the cool thing about working in a series. As you go along, the work evolves, becomes more natural with each piece as you become more relaxed with each piece. That has been my experience so far with my music series.

“It looks like a keyboard in play, fingers on the keys pressing some of them down… – Martha Sielman, SAQA Executive Director

I was thrilled to get an email from Martha Sielman, the executive director of SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Association) thanking me for my 2017 quilt donation to their annual benefit auction. Each year, members donate 12″x12″ original art quilts to the auction. To see the quilts, go to

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