I’ve got rhythm!

“Rhythm: The City”  ©Sharon Casey 2015 This kind of art would go well in a modern home, perhaps in a black and white foyer or kitchen with parquet floor. (Probably not a bedroom!)
Detail of “Rhythm: The City” © Sharon Casey

I love black and white.  Love it.

Allow me to introduce “Rhythm: The City,” one of my first pieces from a series I began a few months before the “Serenity Series.” When I look at this, I am reminded of the bustle of a busy city, so the subtitle became: “The City.” Each piece has a main title – the name of the series – and a subtitle – the name of that particular work.

After several months of trying to decide which series to choose as “my work,” I have decided to do both! And it has been a very freeing decision.  I am comfortable switching back and forth from the bold, flowing lines of the “Serenity” series to the bold, energetic lines of the “Rhythm” series. I love the freedom it gives me. It allows me to express my mood while I’m working, whether calm and peaceful- or – bouncy and energetic!

I am looking forward to continuing both series and seeing where they lead. Maybe there will be a marriage of the two at some point, as my work continues to grow and mature.

Note: This piece was made in early 2015 when I took “Working in a Series” with Lisa Call, an award-winning and prolific artist and instructor.  http://lisacall.com/


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