Serenity II ready for quilting

Here is Serenity II,  fresh off my sewing machine and on the wall. Now I just have to quilt it, bind it, make a sleeve, make a label and get it ready for another show.

Hmmm….. this image is showing up darker than it should so I will spend some time to balance the photo better before I post the quilted version. All these pesky details — from attaching the sleeve and label to prepping the photos, filling out paperwork, and shipping to participate in shows takes a lot of time, and effort. I know it is worth it when a quilt is accepted, but it can be hard to keep the level of energy and enthusiasm up for the production/finishing and administrative tasks.

 Yummy fabric just waiting to be cut and shaped ...
Yummy fabric just waiting to be cut and shaped …

I would much rather pay attention to the creative energy and dive into a new piece! I see the ideas in my mind, the fabric on the shelf, an open cutting table — and my fingers are just itching to get started on the fun stuff again!!!

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