Working on Serenity

Yes, I am working on “serenity” in more ways than one! While one way is all about peace of mind, the other is about my new series, “Serenity.” 

Introducing the “Serenity Series” 

 Serenity 1
Serenity 1

I like the flowing lines of dense quilting around the layers. I changed thread color to lighter and darker tones as I worked through the piece. It gives a subtle variation to the texture. 

 Detail showing quilting lines
Detail showing quilting lines
“Serenity 2” taking shape on my studio wall. I find the flowing horizontal lines soothing.

The series is named Serenity because the very first quilt I designed in this series was based on emotions, and I happened to be in a “serene” state of mind when I was making it. When it was finished, I loved this quilt so much I decided to base my next series on it and see where it would take me.

The slightly “jagged” edges of the black lines are intentional … the way they would appear in rocks and soil strata in nature.

I wonder how this image will evolve as the series continues to develop?

“Serenity 1” and the beginnings of “Serenity 2.”

You are welcome to come along with me as I create more “serenity” in the studio!

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