When are you an “artist?”

I bet every artist remembers the moment when they became an artist. I don’t mean the moment when they picked up a brush, sat down at a sewing machine, or were accepted into a juried show.  I mean the moment, deep inside, when they truly knew they were an artist and felt comfortable with the title.

There is bravery in doing that, in saying the word out loud

I remember my moment. I was in my home studio, washing and folding fabric. And I heard a small voice in my head say, “You ARE an artist.” I had been listening to an audio book called, “Art and Fear” by David Bayles and Ted Orland. It had taken many years of creating art, of selling art, and being accepted into galleries and juried shows, but I was finally ready for the message.

Now when someone introduces me as an “artist,” I no longer feel compelled to say, “Oh, I’m not really an artist; I just do this on the side;  etc. etc.”

Now I just grin.

Looking back, I think I went through the process of “becoming an artist” for many years before I was ready to claim it. Other people began introducing me as an artist before I did!  It came down to believing I was an artist.

There is bravery in doing  that, in saying the word out loud and claiming it.  Does this sound familiar to anyone else?


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