Working in a Series

Quilts are like cookies; you can’t have just one!

“Serenity 8: Fiesta” 20×40

Originally written in March 2015  —  I just completed eight weeks of “Working in a Series with Lisa Call,” which has been an intense and rewarding experience! 

My goal in taking the class was to gain clarity and focus. I have made many art quilts in many different styles, using a variety of techniques. I believe this was all positive and has been helpful in gaining experience and knowing what I am not interested in.

But now is the time to “close some doors,” as Lisa teaches in her first class. It’s time to stop trying to do everything and do one thing well. Then keep refining it until you “own it,” says Lisa. 

Each week during the online workshop, Lisa presented a challenge. And each week, we (there were eight of us), worked our hardest to create the next piece in our series using the parameters she gave us.

Each piece built on the previous one, focusing on one aspect of design. One week we studied color, the next value, the next line, and so on. Since the class I have continued to study and focus on creating pieces that are “uniquely me.”

“Energetic” 18×30

I find that as I am finishing one piece, I am already starting the next one in my mind. They are like cookies; you can’t have just one!

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