Boogie quilt to go on sale

Boogie Woogie 2 is my donation to the annual SAQA Benefit Auction, which starts September 13. Here is the link to view all 443 of the beautiful art quilts sent this year.

Each year hundreds of quilters from around the world create works of art that they ship off to the annual SAQA Benefit Auction. SAQA stands for Studio Art Quilt Associates, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt.

Boogie Woogie 1 was the first “boogie quilt” I donated to SAQA based on the piano keyboard.

Founded in 1989 by an initial group of 50 artists, SAQA now has over 3,600 members: artists, teachers, collectors, gallery owners, museum curators and corporate sponsors. As a part of SAQA’s dynamic creative community, members can take their artwork and career to the next level. 

The 2019 auction will take place online from September 13 through October 6. All proceeds support SAQA’s exhibition programs and other outreach.

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