Crop Circles on the wall

 “Crop Circles.” This is where I am right now. I just have the final seams to sew and then it’s on to quilting!!

Crop circles on the wall? No, silly. Extraterrestrials have not been making crop circles on my design wall in the middle of the night. “Crop Circles” is a large bullseye quilt I have been working on (on and off) since I started it at the Crow Barn last year.

Once I was home, I put it aside to make its counterpart, “Crop Circles – Black & White,” which is in black & white (and 5 other neutrals) as the title implies.

CROP CIRCLES – Black & White. Can you see the variations in the design? Also, calling it “black and white” may be misleading. You may not notice at first, but there are 8 colors in this version! I used black, white, cream, light gray, medium gray, dark gray, navy, and brown. 
 Cut cut, piece, piece...  The evidence of my labor on the cutting table...
Cut cut, piece, piece…  The evidence of my labor on the cutting table…
Looks a lot different, huh?  This is the first version, before I began tweaking, turning, moving, twisting and redesigning the four “bullseyes.” 
This is in the throes of designing. By now I have photos in progress pinned to my wall, as well as fabric I have been “auditioning” to play different roles in the design.


  1. Hi Sharon … love the Crop Circles – Black & White .. especially the subtle changes in color.Enjoy seeing your design wall in action .. will look forward to seeing the progess!


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