‘Tis the season

“Holiday Tango” 2013 – detail. This part of the image reminds me of Christmas trees so I went with it. 🙂

Better late than never!

Ho ho happy new year!  Christmas came so fast this year I am just now getting in the spirit, and the rest of the world is ready for New Year’s Eve… What’s up with that?

I am always running behind everyone else — I’m the last out the door while everyone is waiting in the car, I’m the last to finish eating at a restaurant, I’m the one at the back of the group straining to get a glimpse of whatever is going on. (sigh) After all these years of living, I finally have an idea of why this is – I’m always so absorbed in what I am doing or seeing in the moment that I have a hard time raising my eyes to the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing. At least that’s my excuse. Ha!

This is the entire image… “Holiday Tango” 2013

This was during my “Zentangle” phase. I used a Micron 01 ink pen to zentangle the designs on plain white cotton fabric, added batting and backing to make a quilt sandwich, quilted the lines with black thread, and used color fabric markers to fill in the shapes and/or doodle more patterns!

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